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Funding Solutions

Let's Work Together

Elevation One Group provides quick financing solutions without the restrictions imposed by traditional bank loans. We offer funding solutions to meet most any need, from personal, startup capital, business loans, and real estate funding. We fund our clients nationwide and across diverse markets including fields that may be considered "high-risk" by other financing institutions.


Flex Funding Gives You The Flexibility Live Your Dreams​

Flex Funding is unsecured loans that gives you flexibility to start a business, invest in a franchise, real estate investing, pay for projects, and more. We can deliver fast funding without the red tape. 

Real Estate Investment Funding options include Gap Funding and up to 100% LTV/LTC for purchasing and projects. We fund nationwide with no liens, no upfront cost, appraisals, or asset documentation required. 

We offer mentoring to our clients to start successful businesses or become successful real estate investors using our funding platform as the key component of creating wealth without any money out of pocket 

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