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Join The Empires 

Mentorship Programs

We Can Mentor You To Success

We fund our clients the money to create a successful Empire with the help of our free mentorship. Our goal is to teach you how to create a revenue producing business using none of your own cash out of pocket. To join the one of the Empires, you must qualify for the funding. 


With Our Funding And Mentorship We Help You Win

Join our Luxury Rental Car business mentorship program with no money down and get into profit mode in 30 days.  

Self-publish your new book in little time, with the help of award winning self-publishers using non of your own money.


Invest in properties for Airbnb and create residual income with no money out of pocket and plus free mentorship.

Virtually Fix and Flip houses without no experience and no money out of pocket, while making a guaranteed profit.

Buy 2 to 4 unit homes and increase rental profits with no money out of pocket and mentorship to help you to succeed.


Launch your Airbnb Arbitrage business with other people's money and owning no properties.  

Help home owners and agents sell properties fast, starting  your home staging business with no money out of pocket.


Help creates memories in your community by starting your own event space rental business. Make a great passive income without hosting any events. 

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