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A Woman Writing by the Window

Write Your Way To Financial Freedom

U.S.A. (Unsigned Authors)


U.S.A. - UnSigned Authors  (Self-Publishing Mentorship)

Keep Your Independence and Royalties

Do you love writing? Or have your ever wanted to share your story? Maybe you want to teach others something life changing? If yes, you will be the perfect person to self-publish a book.   

U.S.A., we give you the mentorship and the money to become an author in control of your earnings and rights to creativity. 


Our team of experts will help you to create the your book and get in launched in as little as 90 days.  


What You Get With U.S.A.


We Help You Get The Funding To Invest In Business


Be Paired With An Expert To Get Started


Follow The Blueprint To Build A Successful Business


Start Making Profit In As Little As 45 Days

A Woman Writing by the Window

Tell Your Story And Get Your Book Published In As Little As 45 Days 


Minimum Requirements

  • U.S. Citizen or Permeant Resident
  • 48 States (CA and IA Excluded)
  • 700 Fico Score 
  • 2 Years Good Credit History
  • 3 Bureau Personal Credit Report
  • $27,000 Annual Income


Join The Self-publishing Mentorship Program

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