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Start Your Own Label With No Out Of Pocket Money

U.S.A. (Independent Artist Mentorship)

U.S.A. - UnSigned Artist  (Independent Artist Mentorship)

Keep Your Independence and Royalties

Are you an independent artist who wants to add some credibility to your music? Or are you a music-lover who wants to contribute to the success of unknown artists that you love? Or perhaps you are a music producer who wants to release the records of artists that you have produced? Then knowing how to start a record label is a must. 

With U.S.A., we give you the mentorship and the money so you can start your own label, the ability to control your own career, and building a successful brand.

Get up to $400,000 to invest into your career and generate millions with the mentorship provided with U.S.A. Be free of insane contracts holding your career back. Stay in control of your own career.  


Build Your Brand As An Independent Artist Using Non Of Your Own Money. 

Minimum Requirements

The Minimum Requirements To Qualify For The Program Are:

660 Minimum Credit Score

Minimum $27,000 Annual Income

U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident

2 Years of No Derogatory Credit History

No New Open Credit In Last 6 Months

Join The Unsigned Artist Mentorship Program

Build Your Brand With Our Unsigned Artist Mentorship!

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Is Your Credit Score A Minimum of 660 On All Three Bureaus?*

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Do You Earn A Minimum of $27,000 Annually?*

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Employment Status*

Do You Have Under 6 Inquires In The Last 6 Months*

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Have You Opened Any New Accounts With Your Credit In the Last 6 Months?*

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Do You Have At Least 60% Available On Your Revolving Cards?*

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Do You Have Any Derogatory Items On Your Credit In the Last 2 Years?*

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Have You Ever Filed For Bankruptcy? *

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If You Have Filed Bankruptcy, Has It Been Discharged For At Least 2 Years?

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By checking this checkbox, you agree to the Terms and Conditions* When your application has been completed, one of our Funding Consultants will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your options for joining our the U.S.A. Program.*

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