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$10,000 To $400,000 Cash Funding

Do you know someone who needs funding?

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Get Approved In 24 H​ours

Ready to make your big dream a reality but lack the money to get started? You don't have to wait any longer. Flex Funding up to $400,000 will make your dreams come true!


At Elevation One Group, we have a simple goal - providing easy and fast funding solutions for you. We give you access to over 260 lenders with one application. There are no upfront fees, no pre-payment penalties and no collateral required.


We lead the industry in funding!$6.9 Billion in 2020, $8.3 Billion in 2021, $10.4 Billion in 2022, and in 2023 $10.99 Billion. 

A simple online application initiates the pre-approval. Our consultants will review it within 24 hours, call you to explain how our funding works, and if you are qualified walk you through some easy steps to be approved and funded in as little as 3 days. 


  • Real Estate Investing
  • Starting A Business
  • Franchise Investment
  • Business Expansion
  • Large Equipment Purchase
  • Emergency Needs
  • Investing In Crypto and Stocks
  • Cannabis Industry
  • Trucking Business
  • Much More!!


  • No Upfront Cost 
  • No Collateral
  • No Down Payment
  • No Asset Verification


  • 700 Credit Scores Minimum
  • $27,000 Proof of Income
  • Less Than 6 Hard Credit Inquires In 6 Months
  • No Derogatory Credit Items In 2 Years
  • Credit Card Balance No Higher Than 60%
  • U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident


*If your scores are under 650, you have late payments and collections, or too many inquires, high utilization and more we can help you get qualified for max funding. Ask about our Capital Ready Mentorship.

Flex Funding Pre-Approval

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