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Buy Multifamily Homes With No Money And Increase Your Rental Income 

H.E.A.D. (Make More Profit With More Doors)

H.E.A.D. - Hood Estate Acquisition Domination (Invest In 2 to 4 Unit Homes Mentorship)

 Invest In Small Multifamily Homes And Increase Profits 

Investing in one unit with one tenant can be risky: if that tenant loses their job, falls ill and can't work, or if they just up and move, you are at 100% risk of losing that income. We are making a solution to help lower your risk as an investor. Our HEAD program puts you in the position to win with buying 2 to 4 unit homes, to make a quick profit without having ever using your own money. Plus we provide mentorship and help you get a property manager who will support your portfolio to success.

HEAD Program investors will make a profit they can use for reinvesting, funding a college education, planning for retirement and much more. 


Buy Small Multifamily Unit Properties Using None Of Your Own Money

Minimum Requirements

The Minimum Requirements For The Program Are:

660 Minimum Credit Score

Minimum $27,000 Annual Income

U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident

2 Years of No Derogatory Credit History

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Is Your Credit Score A Minimum of 680 On All Three Bureaus?*

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Do You Earn A Minimum of $27,000 Annually?*

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Do You Have Under 6 Inquires In The Last 6 Months*

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Have You Opened Any New Accounts With Your Credit In the Last 6 Months?*

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Do You Have At Least 60% Available On Your Revolving Cards?*

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Do You Have Any Derogatory Items On Your Credit In the Last 2 Years?*

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Have You Ever Filed For Bankruptcy? *

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If You Have Filed Bankruptcy, Has It Been Discharged For At Least 2 Years?

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By checking this checkbox, you agree to the Terms and Conditions* When your application has been completed, one of our Funding Consultants will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your options for joining our the HEAD Program.*

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