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Elevation One Group Credit Services

Millions of Americans have been economically affected in the most recent times by one way or another. So many with their Credit being impacted dramatically, either by being forced to miss payments on debt, excessive hard credit inquiries seeking additional Capital, Fraudulent hits on their accounts, or even notes having coming due during these times. 

Traditional credit repair can take 6 months to a year. We have recognized the significant need for clients who may not meet our credit qualifications, that they don't have time to wait for a long credit repair to qualify for funding. 

This is why we have our Funding Shark Program that quickly gets you in the position to get approved for $10,000 to $400,000. Whether if you have too many inquiries, late payments, or collections, investing in The Funding Shark Program eliminates the long wait for credit repair because our lenders will tell you exactly what you need to correct in order to guarantee you Max Funding with a 72 hour turnaround time.  

Credit Monitoring Service Provider utilizing the superior FICO 8 scoring & enhanced features like Identity Theft & Credit Protection

The Funding Shark and Credit Monitoring are both vitally important to ensuring individuals, or their businesses are eligible for the necessary capital to keep your business or livelihoods afloat.

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