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Funding Mentorship Program

Don't Let Credit Stop Your Funding Goal


Millions of Americans have been economically affected in the most recent times by one way or another. So many with their credit being impacted dramatically, either by being forced to miss payments, high credit card usage, excessive hard credit inquiries from seeking lenders, or fraudulent hits on their accounts.

This is why we have an elite program that quickly gets you in the position to get approved for $10,000 to $400,000 in funding. Whether if you have low credit scores, too many inquiries, late payments, high credit card utilization, or collections, investing in this program eliminates the long wait for credit repair and takes the guesswork out of getting approved for funding. This program does require a small investment by you but it will save you time and frustration from trying to guess what your credit profile needs to be for maximum funding.   

When You Join The Program You Get:

  • Full credit profile review and partnering with coach to position your credit so that you're eligible for the largest funding approvals.

  • Once complete with coaching you will be placed in the done for you funding process.

  • Funding awarded up to $400,000 for any purpose.

Not sure of your credit scores or the status of your credit? Check your credit today for $1.00

The Capital Ready Mentorship and Credit Monitoring are both vitally important to ensuring individuals are eligible for the necessary capita start their business, grow their business or keep their livelihoods afloat.

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